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of rain as we move into the night. bob turk, meteorologist bernadette woods are tracking it. >> already had some heavy downpours. let's take a look at radar. it's moving quickly off to the east and northeast now. most of us moving toward the northeast maryland area. from elkton down toward the eastern sections of the county. another batch toward the city now. much lighter down from jacksonville to the dundalk area. and another heavier area, from annapolis to southern maryland. that's where heavy activity is. you folks down there may see gusty winds. very, very heavy rain. and dangerous lightning as well in the next 30 to 40 minutes. bernadette has a look at rainfall coming this afternoon. the biggest thing we've seen with this is the heaviest amount of rain. and in such a short period of time. north of baltimore, 1.77
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inches. tv hill, 1.62. crofton, over an inch. no -- millersville, just over an inch. and it was cutting into eastern parts of howard county to northern parts of anne arundel county. elsewhere, we see some rain, but not nearly these amounts. we'll have the forecast coming up. >> bernadette, thank you. the storm has already knocked out power to more than 20,000 bge customers. wjz checked with bge just a few minutes ago. over 7900 customers are without power. anne arundel county, 3,434 customers. baltimore county, almost 8,000. and due to the power outages, all evening classes are canceled for towson community. for the latest, check on an exmarine shot 12 times. the accused gunman, an off-duty
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baltimore policeman. that officer should face murder charges. wjz is live. derek valcourt has details of the indictment against gihiji deshande. >> prosecutors want him locked up for life without parole. >> this is gahiji sshamba. with his head shaved. it's the one he kept for years. but he shot and killed unarmed former marine. the case grabbed headlines. as it shoed he shot him 12 times at point-blank ranged, and walked free for weeks. >> while this case was under investigation, there was a lot of discussion about the speed of the investigation. >> state attorney pat jessamy who faces a challenge this election year, held a press
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conference to formally indict them. and to respond to criticism that her office took too long to file charges against tshamba. tshamba's attorney, adam sean cohen, argues the victim, tyrone brown, sexually assaulted the officer's female friend in the alley. and tshamba acted in self- defense. >> a police officer in fear for his life has to do what he has, and if one shot doesn't work, two, three, four don't work, you fire until the threat is done. >> he was part of only three pending cases in the court system. one reached a plea deal last week. but prosecutors say an armed robbery case and a first-degree assault case may now be in jeopardy.
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>> tshamba's first court appearance is scheduled. impact of a terror. a maryland girl is hurt after twin bombings in uganda. adam may has local reactions for us. >> reporter: that local girl's parents are on a plane. they are flaying to south south afric -- flying to south africa, where her daughter has been flying for emergency treatment. >> reporter: they are among the terrorist the injured. the teenager was on a church mission trip, helping impoverished children, according to a family friend. >> she was with her grandmother. and they were having lunch at the ethiopian restaurant. that's when it happened. >> reporter: emily was being airlifted. >> her grandmother goes on every mission. and it's always been a great experience for them.
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>> reporter: emily kirstsetter is a junior. and after graduation, woo ertold, she wants to go on to be a veterinarian. >> she was excited about spending time with her grandmother. but most excited about helping others, doing some good. >> reporter: another volunteer, nate hen from wilmington, delaware, is accused of carrying out the fatality. it is the first time they have struck outside of somalia. >> they stand shoulder to shoulder with uganda. >> the eastern african conflicts have left millions of people displaced, spurring missionaries like emily to health. >> we wish her well. and speedy recovery. >> and they are going to have a prayer service for emily, wednesday at 1:00 there at the school's chapel. >> adam, thank you. the state department is helping the kirsetter family reunite with their daughter right now.
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back here, two men are in custody tonight, posing as police officers and using their fake identity to commit another crime. >> they were basically approaching the suspect. with these fake badges. and ordered the suspects to raise their hands, rifle through their property, take whatever they can and flee the scene. >> they are identified as john mccracken and joshua hatch. a person is responsible for gunning down. family members of mourning the death of john crowder. denise has details. >> 17-year-old john crowder was walking home from a fourth of july party when he was shot and killed. witnesses say he got into an argument in north baltimore. crowder's talent in basketball
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made him more well known. today, he was remembered by friends and family at the homestead united methodist church. anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call police. crowder's funeral will be held at 11:00 tomorrow, at the church of the redeemed of the lord in baltimore. the race for governor is heating up here in maryland tonight. new poll numbers and a just- released campaign ad shows just how close the election could be. wjz is live in annapolis. mike hellgren is there with a closer look at the race. mike? >> reporter: mary, mr. ehrlich has a slight lead in this particular poll, which some say favors republicans. governor o'malley had a slight lead earlier that year. this is statistically considered a dead heat. because it's within the margin of error. we had new reaction from governor o'malley. >> for the first time, former
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governor ehrlich is leading o'malley in a poll. it gives ehrlich 47% advantage. still within the margin of error. it comes just as mr. o'malley releases his first campaign's tv ad. touting the campaign budget. >> every week now, there's going to be a new republican robocall poll. and that's part of their new strategy. the one call that matters is the one when the voters go to the polls that day. >> reporter: rasmussen polls typically favors republicans. >> and that clearly, i think, indicates that voters don't like negative ads that governor o'malley has been running about us. they don't believe his promises. and they show we're the direction they want to go. >> he inherited a $1.7 billion budget deficit. >> reporter: but eric's camp
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disputes the claim. >> he claims that we left him a deficit. not true. we left him a surplus. >> reporter: the poll shows just 87% republicans and 22% democrats. >> when it's all said and done, this election will be decided by people selecting a party. voters will decide whether they want to let their state run by democrats or republicans. >> reporter: already sizzling, already close. and we're still four months from election day. >> reporter: now, that poll showed almost half of maryland voters feel the economy is bad and it's getting worse. so expect the economy to be a major theme, a major issue in this election. reporting live in annapolis, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> that makes sense. mike, thank you. remember, wjz is always on for the latest polls, results and update the information on campaign 2010. log onto
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an end to the crisis in the gulf could be near. efforts to stop the giant oil leak are at a turning point. here's a look at underwater repairs being done on the leak. terrell brown reports for wjz, that bp is working on a new fix that won't shut off the leak. but could at least stop the flow into the gulf of mexico. underwater robots maneuvered a new cap into place over bp's broken well. it's the company's latest toll for stopping the leak. >> our confidence is growing. but hopefully over the next 24 hours or so, we'll see the cap function test. and at that point, it will be significantly higher. it will take at least two days of testing to see if the cap can withstand the pressure. if so, they will cap the containment shift. timing is critical. >> we all agreed we had probably an uncommon weather window for the next 10 days that would allow us to move ahead. >> reporter: but the oil slick
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is moving ahead, too. >> reporter: this harbor in long beach has been fighting off giant tarballs for weeks. the harbor master isn't taking any more chances. she's going the extra mile now. and surrounding the entire port with boom to block the oil. >> when they bring tar balls, michael white goes out himself and scoops hundreds of pounds out of the harbor. some have parked there for decades and trust the harbor master to make it okay. >> this is long beach. this is where we are. and that's all they know. >> reporter: like the rest of the gulf, this community is hoping bp's new fix will finally be the beginning of the end of this mess. terrell brown, cbs news, long beach harbor, mississippi. the obama administration is set to issue a new revised moratorium on off shore drilling. and still ahead tonight at 5:00. tourist killed. tonight, new details about the calls for help that reportedly went ignored just before the
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deadly boat crash in philadelphia. a free man hits a road block in its efforts to the get roman pulanski on rape charges. see how $1 million in taxpayer funds is being spent. i'm andrea fujii. that story coming up on wjz eyewitness news. a stormy afternoon in parts of maryland. the updated first warning weather forecast with bob coming up. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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as you have been hearing through much of the day, it has been six months since a massive earthquake hit haiti. the quake near the capital city of port-au-prince, killed about 300,000 people. for survivors, conditions have
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not improved that much. >> reporter: this is haiti today, on the streets of port- au-prince, life for hundreds of thousands seems barely pieced together. propped up with sticks and plastic sheeting. and patience is wearing thin. the way things are going, this woman says, one can wait for five, 10 years, even for the rest of our lives and see nothing happen. these tent cities are meant to be temporary. there's estimated more than 1200 across haiti. small shops and businesses have opened up. and it's looking far more permanent. of the more than 1 1/2 million haitians displaced by the quake, fewer than 30,000 have found permanent housing. in this place, natallia is selling items for 2 cents. still, people do not have money to pay for it, she says,
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because they do not have job. by last month, the u.s. had put 35,000 haitians to work clearing debrises from -- debris from canals. but more do not have jobs. >> they are very difficult to reach. there are many problems. even politics, lonistics -- logistics, and implementation. >> most of the money pledged for humanitarian aid, has pledged for hospital, food workers and relief. but hundreds of millions of dollars have yet to be spent. and many aid workers here say some of the hardest work, rebuilding, is still ahead. seth stone, cbs news, port-au- prince. and former president bill clinton is cochairman of the international commission overseeing the $5.3 billion in promised reconstruction aid. over the weekend, he even expressed frustration at the slow recovery process.
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if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads with sharon gibala. >> reporter: it could be a bit of a slow go out there. plenty of problems to get in your way. including this one. 95 northbound at the memorial bridge. we have a disabled truck there, blocking the right lane. we also have a downed tree on the 95 southbound. outer loop. that's blocking the right lane. accident outer loop. handful of accidents in the city. some include reisterstown. west mount royal at mcmecken. and light at east lombard. downed wires at park heights avenue. 695. and traffic lights out. west northern parkway. there's a look at your drive times. and speeds on the 20s. on the north and west side. 20 miles an hour. there's a electric at the -- look at the top side. at york road.
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again, disabled vehicle, 95 northbound at the tydings and northwest side also. try the subway steak and bacon melt. fresh veggies and a blanket of bubbly cheese on fresh bread. subway, eat fresh. back to you. many parts of baltimore are getting a facelift, thanks to federal stimulus funds. the city received $1 million at the beginning of the year. and maryland lawmakers saw the progress. >> noel gardner was unemployed until february, when he and 21 others were hired to clean out baltimore. >> i'm giving back to the community in ways that blighted areas. they are starting to see signs of white. >> reporter: in february, the parks and people foundation received $1 million in federal stimulus funds for cleanup jobs. senator cardin and representative cummings showed the progress. >> do you really show the
5:20 pm
difference? look around. take a look at the faces here. people have jobs. >> reporter: right now, they're clearing parts of druid hill park, across from the maryland zoo. but that's not all. >> the teens have been working in nine neighborhoods throughout the city. in parks and residential communities. basically making them greener and cleaner. >> reporter: it includes planting hundreds of trees and removing thousands of tons of trash. and we would have committed a better environment for future generations. that's what this is all about. >> out of these 22 jobs, baltimore's unemployment rate for may was 10.1%, .8% higher than the state. marvel says he is one of the lucky ones, not only to have a job, but to make a difference. >> i've seen such ugly areas in the city. and now we're really starting to have an impact. andrea fujii, wjz eyewitness news. >> the $1 million in stimulus
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money is exactlied -- expected to keep them employed through june of next year. and another cup is awarded here in maryland. this afternoon, the maryland half marathon cup was presented to the first marylander who crossed the finish line in the may 23rd race. matt clascas won for harford county. that is where it will reside until next year's race. wjz is a proud sponsor of the maryland half marathon. this year's race raised $200,000 for the university of maryland green baum cancer center. >> i think it was 120. >> wow. >> i don't want to add any more minutes to that. because that's fast. >> moving. with the rain. that's where we go right now. depending where we leave. may see some serious downpours. 74. west/northwest winds at 3. barometer holding steady. come back and take a look at live doppler radar after this. ,
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dispoish looking down spaghetti junction. most of the rain is gone.
5:25 pm
but there may be more tonight. take a look at radar. now, look at all of the activities in the region. some zares have picked up very generous amounts of rain. moving off to the east/northeast. heaviest batch now, east of the city, through dundalk and east of the area north of aa county. moving north of the park there. another batch across extreme southern pg county. beginning to week 18 somewhat. but general areas of rain some areas in the eastern shore picked up 3 to 5 inches of rain. i'm not kidding. even portions of southern maryland had a tremendous drought situation. picked up two inches of rain and it's still raining there now. oddly enough, west of us,
5:26 pm
didn't receive that much rain. and so far today, they've received almost nothing. take a look at temperatures in our region. down to 74, 76. but the rain, where it has not rained. 82. very, very moist atmosphere. earlier today, dew points in the low 70s. probably the same deal tomorrow. a lot of moisture around. a lot of moisture available for these showers and storms to develop. and we have more chances. one, two, three different systems out to the west of us. all moving pretty much west to east. over the next three to four days, we have the risk of more showers and thunderstorm activity, which is going to put a heck of a dent in the low, low rainfall totals. right now, pretty good batch of rain through pennsylvania, down to the carolinas. at least still seeing showers. and probably going to refile all over again. if you didn't get rain today, hopefully you'll see rain tomorrow. wednesday may dry out later in
5:27 pm
the day. and thursday into friday, another front could bring another chance of showers. on the bay tomorrow, small craft advisory. winds gusting up to 20 knots. and they'll be under the south. more showers. 74. rather comfortable. tomorrow, warm, humid. showers. maybe heavier thunderstorm again. with that sun, sticky air. mid-80s tomorrow before the rain. and rain can have heavy downpours as we saw this afternoon. some areas picked up two inches of rain in one hour today. >> that's amazing. but we need it, bob. thank you. still ahead at 5:00. trouble for apple. the iphone at the center of a lawsuit. the accusation against a center of a lawsuit. and the perfect place to live. i'm ron matz in highlandtown. the former home of one of baltimore's most famous restaurants is up for sale. and the price is right. the story coming up right here on wjz. ,,,,,,
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he inherited a $1.7 billion budget deficit... then an economic crisis. but martin o'malley went to work. cutting $5 billion in waste and government spending, while also making opportunities for middle class families a priority. freezing college tuition four years in a row, record investments in our schools, and tax credits for small businesses to create jobs. while other states are still struggling, martin o'malley is making the tough choices... to move maryland forward.
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it is 5:30. 74 degrees. cloudy skies, with rain in some areas. good evening, everybody. thanks for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. a big distinction for howard county tonight. money magazine ranked columbia and ellicott city combined as one of the top 10 best places to live. >> reporter: ellicott city and columbia are not only in the top 10 of the best places to
5:31 pm
live in america. the region is high on money magazine's list. coming in at number 2. >> we crunch all of this data. and columbia and ellicott city just rose to the top. >> reporter: what's the criteria for a top city? money magazine looks at a couple of things, including economic opportunity, affordable homes, quality scenes and safe streets. >> howard county executive ken olman told me today the combined areas of columbia and ellicott city truly have it all for area families, even in these challenging economic times. >> in the money magazine poll, they called these two communities in our county, an economic powerhouse. and we're really proud of that. we have the lowest in the state of maryland. >> reporter: chris, bob, and matt all live and work in the area. and they love it. >> we love it. it's a great place to be. >> great food, great
5:32 pm
restaurants. it's populated. dwerls. >> the -- diverse. >> the only reason we moved to ellicott city was because she saw on, that it was number 6 on the year for the best places to live, and we wanted to move out of pennsylvania. >> and now you're number 2. >> yes. it also boasts the lowest foreclosure rate in the state. number 2 is eden prairie, minnesota. fire investigators are sifting through the ashes. the roof of the building partially collapsed. though one no one inside was hurt. a young man is charged and other suspects are still on the loose after armed robbery in anne arundel county. police have lawyer arrested 21- year-old christopher hamlet. a pizza deliveryman was delivering food. he says five men assaulted him and robbed him at knife point. police believe the robbery is related to a second assault
5:33 pm
that happened friday night. they're still looking for four suspects. new details are emerging today about the moments before a barge hit a tourist boat killing two foreign exchange students. vic is live in the newsroom with details for us. >> reporter: philadelphia officials say the duck boat got no response when they radioed in shortly before the crash. two young hungarians were killed. and more than 40 were dumped into the river. a mechanic left the duck boat without power. investigators say the boats in the area heard the tourist vessel's distress calls. but the crew remained silent. federal investigators are now interviewing the crew of the tugboat. >> one of the crewmembers has reportedly invoked his fifth amendment right not to talk with investigators. film director roman polanski will be extradited. he pled guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl.
5:34 pm
rita niss arn reports -- nissan reports for wjz on what is next for the award-winning director. >> oscar-winning roman polanski is under house arrest at his swiss chalet. they said he is now a free man. the swiss government rejected the american extradition request that polanski face sentencing for having sex with a 13-year-old girl 33 years ago. they blamed u.s. authorities for not handling -- handing over confidential testimony. polanski's lawyer called the move the right one. saying the extradition demand was based on lies and that polanski feels he was already punished. polanski was 43 when he was accused of giving giving the girl drug and raping her in the model's home. >> i wouldn't want to carry hard feelings around with me
5:35 pm
for my whole life. i've lawyer got -- already gotten over it. >> reporter: when he learned the judge would likely give him a tougher sentence than he expected, he fled to his native france. swiss authorities arrested polance key at a film festival last year. through it all, he's been celebrated by hollywood, filming the pianist. and even with his freedom, the u.s. still considers him a fugitive. rita niss arn, wjz -- nissan, wjz eyewitness news. >> the united states cannot appeal the decision by the swiss. and the justice department is not commenting on its next steps in the case. one of the nation's top law enforcement officials makes an important stop in charm city. homeland security secretary janet napolitano delivered the keynote address at the national organization of black law enforcement executives. napolitano discussed how they
5:36 pm
could work better to keep the nation safe. the group will meet at the convention center through wednesday. the economy is taking a toll on americans' credit scores. they are now getting worse. 25% -- that's nearly 43 million people now have poor scores. that's a huge jump over the historical rate of 15%. the lower scores could prevent millions from being able to get credit cards, auto loans or mortgages under the tighter lending standards banks now use. a legal headache tonight if for the maker of the iphone. a federal judge has approved a class-action lawsuit against apple and at&t. the charges that the companies were conspiring with other carriers. customers agreed to a two-year contract with at&t. apple and the carrier have made a secret agreement that the arrangement would actually last for five years. in tonight's healthwatch report this week, the fda will look at weather the diabetes
5:37 pm
drug avandia should stay on the market. avandia used to be one of the glaxo smith cline's top-selling drugs. but studies have linked it to a science. they -- to a heart attack. they will determine whether it needs a stronger warning label or if it should be pulled off the market permanently. one area district court is testing its self-help program it hopes will lighten the load for civil cases. and what ty wigging ton thinks about his selection to the all-star game. federal all of these and more -- for all of these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. it was destination dining for food lovers in baltimore for more than 70 years. now, the former home of one of baltimore's most famous restaurants is up for sale.
5:38 pm
ron matz reports. and the price may be right. >> reporter: hello. welcome to housener's. >> today, we're serving -- >> lobster, shrimp, and leg of lamb. >> reporter: the popular restaurant closed in 1999. >> housener's has been here since i could remember. people would come here all the way down the block. >> reporter: those days are long gone. the large building on eastern avenue sits vacant. nearby business owners would like to see it sold. >> it's not good for our neighborhood. because it's closed. >> reporter: the building has been on the market for three years. and the asking price has just dropped by a half million to $1.5 million. >> reporter: and that will include two adjacent townhomes. an enticement neighbors hope will lead to a sale. >> and with other businesses, it helps to attract business. it would be nice to see
5:39 pm
somebody purchase it and make it to what it was. >> reporter: of course, there will never be another houseners. >> i have worked in 14 countries. and i think of this as the one of the best 10 restaurants in the world. >> there wasn't but one housener's. >> in its heyday, they served 2,000 dinners on saturday nights. the famous bar, strawberry pie. the art collection. all now a baltimore memory. >> it's just a shame. just a shame. something so good. so good. >> reporter: there highland town, ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> and francis housener's art collection brought in more than $10 million at an auction at soth bee's. and -- soghtdeb -- sotheby's. >> they have so much in there. it's incredible. yep. still ahead at 5:00, everybody. tossed into traffic.
5:40 pm
>> i saw the baby kind of appear underneath the cart. one parent's actions nearly cost a toddler her life. prepare for bandits busted. police track down the wanted teenager. there he is in his bare feet. we'll tell you all about it coming up. and more rain chances coming this week. i'll have the exclusive first warning five-day forecast. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to a 100% fiber optic picture. to more hd channels than cable. it's also the ultimate on-demand hd movie experience with the movie poster gallery. and the ability to search your hd titles by content or actor,
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not just title. by changing that old cable technology, your hd tv can finally reach its lofty potential. it's time for fios. visit call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. we've had dunne pours in some areas. hopefully those of you who want some of that rain will get it. >> tomorrow we still have more chances. then tomorrow, the whole storm sits on top of us. so off and on, there are chances for scattered showers and thunderstorms. sort of like today. not everybody seeing them, but
5:44 pm
they will be around overwise, temperatures in the mid-80s. >> reporter: with a lot of moisture around more could see probably quiet. but hardly humid on thursday. more showers. maybe even the mid-90s friday and saturday. more showers and showers and thunderstorms once again. any locations could see briefly heavy thunderstorms. it's going to be a warm and humid week. tomorrow is going to be humid. but not all that hot. today's energy saver, don't place lamps or tv sets near your air conditioning thermostat. the thermostat senses the heat from those appliances. and it could make your air conditioning run longer and waste you money. a man opens fire inside a new mexico office, killing at least two people before turning that gun on himself.
5:45 pm
preliminary information had six people dead. but we've updated that information for you. police said there were people down on the ground and assumed that they were dead. they are calling this a do domestic violence incident. the shooter's girlfriend was one of the victims. an officer saw a man violently shake a 2-year-old girl, then toss the child into oncoming traffic in oakland. the girl was run over, but amazingly, she escaped injury. witnesses say they're having a tough time recovering from what they saw. >> it was shocking. it was incredibly shocking. i'm running across the street and i'm screaming. it was -- the whole thing was horrifying. >> reporter: police shoots a taser to subdue the girl's father. he was taken to jail on charges of resisting arrest and child endangerment. two texas criminals received an unusual punishment, instead of just doing jail
5:46 pm
time. the couple faces public humiliation. they pleaded guilty to stealing more than a quarter million dollars meant for crime victims. in addition to spending the next six months in jail. they will have to parade "i am a thief" signs through busy intersections for the next six years. the two were also ordered to pay back that money. also, the teenager known as the bare foot bandit is now in custody in the bahamas. sandra hughes reports for wjz. >> true to his nickname, colton harris-moore was barefoot when police took him into custody. the teenager had become an internet folk hero. but his celebrity led to his arrest. people in the bahamas apparently recognized him and called police, who caught harris-moore, after shooting out the engine of his stolen boat. the 19-year-old will now famous charges for several thefts. allauthorities also say he had
5:47 pm
a gun. >> guns are illegal in the bahamas. >> reporter: he was convicted of his first crime at the age of 12. and two years ago, became an internet sensation, after escaping from a halfway house in washington state. he's accused of committing more than 100 crimes, breaking into homes and businesses. he got his nickname after famously retracing his feet with talk at a crime scene. he's suspected of staling at least five -- stealing at least five planes, including one he crash-landed in the bahamas last week. while he's had no formal flight training. people in has hometown in seattle are glad he's caught. >> i think he's really smart. but i think more so than anything, people give him too much credit. i think he's gotten extremely lucky and his luck ran out finally. >> reporter: authorities will try to bring harris moore back to the u.s. and charge him here, after he faces charges in
5:48 pm
the bahamas. >> you're not going to believe this, but at last check, colton's facebook fan page has more than 75,000 members. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00 for all of these stories and more coming up, denise is standing by with a preview. more charges. the convicted sex offender already charged. and the rape of a girl accused of the same acts with a victim. ed toking and turning. the link between sleep apnea and heart disease. but why is it only for men? check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news at 6:00. thousands of spectators gathered on world famous eastern island to watch a fuel eclipse of the sun. >> the skies went dark for about four minutes during the eclipse. easter island was one of the opportunity places that weem could actually see the clips. many spectators wore special viewing glasses to help avoid eye damage during that partial
5:49 pm
eclipse page. stay with us. eyewitness sports is next. this is mark viviano. the orioles put the all-star break on an unexpected winning streak. i was with the team in texas. i'll have the latest, plus a sneak peak at a possible future orioles all-star. that's ahead when eyewitness news continues.
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5:52 pm
the oa are coming off a road trip. >> yeah, four games. they might want to just keep going. >> baseball's all-stars now gather in southern california. ty wigginton. is the orioles lone representative there. they have six players in attendance there. but it was the birds who swept four straight from the rangers in texas. it was an improbable sweep. the first two victory comes back. the most dramatic friday night.
5:53 pm
cory patirson -- patterson, grand slam in the bottom of the 9th. sent the game to extra innings. then saturday, the return of the big leagues. o's pitcher chris tillman. into the 7th. struck out all-star josh hamilton. and the third o's victory of the weekend. then another young o's pitcher completed the unlikely surge. jake arieta. i was with the team in texas and caught up with the winning pitcher. >> you know, coming into the day, my mindset was to complete the sweep. give the team a -- as good of an effort as i could. pitch deep into the game. and you know, we got off on the right foot. it felt really good to pitch well here against these guys, a great team, leading their division. and you know, to get a sweep, that's just icing on the cake. >> and the o's relief pitching was outstanding in the steer series.
5:54 pm
-- in the series. faces 15 innings. the four-game road sweep is the first for the o's against any team in 15 years. well, the all-star game is a homecoming for the o's ty wigginton. tampa bay's david price gites the ball for the mirn league. all-star activities also include the futures game. among the minor leaguers honored this year, the o's zach briton. the up-and-coming left-handed pitcher got a chance to show off his potential against the other future stars here with a strike strikeout. britain helped the u.s. beat the all-stars. britain is an all-star. earned average of 2 1/2. he could be a guy who gets a big-league callup later this year. washington wizards rookie john wall, making his pro debut in the summer league. immediately impressed. this jump shot, part of this 24-
5:55 pm
point night against the golden state warriors. also dished out eight assists. coming up, an alley-oop. the wizards beat the warriors, 84-79. summer league opener played in las vegas. coming up next hour, a soccer celebration, fit for a king. famed world cup king brought the king to juan carlos. details with that victory ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00. >> our moment in sports. stim to -- still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. a local teenager among those injured in the terrorist attacks in uganda. i'm adam may with reaction from her friends as her family flies overseas to visit ,,,,
5:56 pm
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coming up now on eyewitness news at 6:00. back to back. a maryland teenager injured in a deadly attack from africa. hear from the victim. an officer and a murder suspect. an indictment handed up against the city police officer, accused of killing an unarmed marine. i'm mike hellgren at the state house in annapolis. governor o'malley releases a new ad, while a new poll shows his challenger, governor o'malley is in the lead. we'll break it down for you coming up. we're tracking heavy storms. what's in store for the rest of the night? don't miss the updated first
5:59 pm
warning forecast. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. uganda. bombings, halfway around the world in maryland. >> tonight, a student in mercy. >> i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. a teenager from maryland is among the injured after a bombing in uganda. wjz is live in catonsville, where the victim went to school. adam may has more on the attack and reaction from people who know the injured missionary student. >> reporter: right now, the parents of the student e

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